Spread a Little Sunshine

Spread a Little Sunshine, This is Happiness Studio Gives Back

My mission for my artwork is for it to be more than just a pretty thing on your shelf. I want it to make you feel and create happiness. I have found my happy place in the studio and I want that to go beyond the walls I create in. I hope that my playful designs spark a bit of joy in you and help you have a happier day.

In addition I believe that we should think beyond ourselves and strive to bring happiness to others. 

Here at This is Happiness Studio we believe in second chances and fresh starts. We believe in taking steps to better yourself, to do better, and be better. So we have made a commitment with our sales to give back and support people who need a second chance and a fresh start. A portion of every sale will be set aside in a “happy fund” to go beyond ourselves and to bring happiness to others. We are currently supporting Revolution Lancaster.


Revolution Lancaster and This is Happiness Studio


Revolution exists to empower women affected by homelessness or facing barriers. This is done by teaching women (the makers) the craft of jewelry making - allowing them to generate income, grow in self-confidence and build hope for the future.

Each piece of jewelry reflects the inherent worth women possess. They train  the women in their program to craft jewelry beautifully. Once trained, Makers are paid per piece of jewelry they create and typically leave each jewelry workshop with between $10-$40 cash. This income generation provides bus fare, groceries, and may be the only earned income they receive in a week. 



Revolution Lancaster looks beyond circumstance and offers relationships and work that build dignity and hope. The pride and ownership of crafting jewelry is empowering, and their workshop is designed to be a beautiful space to create in. Music is always playing and they start each workshop with journaling and a few moments of quite mindfulness. Revolutions goal is to give the gift of presence through consistent relationships and open hands.


Revolution Lancaster and This is Happiness Studio


Your purchase from the studio is more than just a pretty piece of art, it's a step towards empowering women to reach for more. Shop now and know that part of every sale here allows me to give back a little more and support other female makers in Lancaster, Pa.