Bugs in Bloom! The Inspo Behind My Newest Collection

Bugs in Bloom Collection by Emily Keener, This is Happiness Studio

Bugs in Bloom were created to remind you to look for the beauty in life. When you look at these beautiful blooming bugs I want you to be reminded that you get to choose how you see the world. These beautiful bugs were inspired by my sweet son, Max. He loves all animals, but bugs are his favorite.


Bugs in Bloom by Emily Keener


The way Max sees bugs is magical.

He loves them and cares deeply about them. It is so touching to see someone see something in such a different way than most. Many of us are afraid of bugs or think of them as gross or dirty; we shriek, run away, or quickly flatten them (I’m guilty). Not Max though. He sees them as beautiful, friendly, sweet creatures. They are his friends. Max has taught me to slow down and take them in, to see them for the beautiful creatures that they are.


Bugs in Bloom | This is Happiness Studio


Look for beauty in the unexpected.  

Sometimes our days are long and it is hard to see the beauty in it. Let these blooming bugs remind you to look for beauty in something unexpected; to find something that gives you joy that maybe didn't before; to be open to new people and circumstances and to see beyond your expectations to see life as something just a little more beautiful.


Bugs in Bloom by Emily Keener


Shop the Bugs in Bloom Collection today and be reminded of these cute little creatures and the beauty in the unexpected.



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