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I’m Emily Keener, the founder, owner, and maker behind This Is Happiness Studio. I believe we have the power to change the way we feel and how we experience the world. No, not every day is a happy, joy filled day. There are very hard days and moments in life and it is important to feel those emotions as well. But I want my artwork to encourage others to take control of your day, look for the simple pleasures in life, the little treasures, and to run after joy to create a life of happiness. Because we have one life, and I want it to be a happy one.

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From the very beginning of my journey as an artist I have found that art has a very special ability to change a person’s mood and thoughts. A person can look at a piece of art and your thoughts and feeling can be transformed. When you look at and hold my artwork, I want you to feel happiness. My hope is that it sparks joy and brings a smile to your face. I want you to look at it and be reminded of the simple, yet stunning treasures in life.

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