Mindful Marks Week Five: Move With Music
Mindful Marks: Week Two - Color Play
Mindful Marks Week One: Play
Make Space For Creativity
Mindful Marks Creative Challenge
Holiday Workshops
Workshops are happening this holiday season at the studio! 
Summertime Vibes
  Summertime brings different vibes so instead of making tulip mugs, I decided to make tumblers! I wanted something new for easy summertime sipping and I wanted to share with you one of my newest favorite summertime treats to enjoy with...
New Summer Candle Collection
 I have been dreaming about creating hand poured candles in my ceramic pieces for years.  I have never made candles before but thought, “surly I can figure this out”. I purchased the supplies and was ready to start melting the...
Dessert for Dinner with Ann Fulton of Fountain Avenue Kitchen
I am so excited to introduce you all to Ann Fulton, author, recipe developer and cook behind Fountain Avenue Kitchen.  She creates easy recipes aimed to fit into our crazy, hectic lifestyles. She was introduced to me about two years...
Spread a Little Sunshine

Here at This is Happiness Studio we believe in second chances and fresh starts. We believe in taking steps to better yourself, to do better, and be better. So we have made a commitment with our sales to give back and support people who need a second chance and a fresh start. A portion of every sale will be set aside in a “happy fund” to go beyond ourselves and to bring happiness to others. We are currently supporting Revolution Lancaster.


Bugs in Bloom! The Inspo Behind My Newest Collection
Bugs in Bloom were created to remind you to look for the beauty in life. When you look at these beautiful blooming bugs I want you to be reminded that you get to choose how you see the world. These beautiful bugs were inspired by my sweet son, Max. He loves all animals, but bugs are his favorite.