New Summer Candle Collection

 I have been dreaming about creating hand poured candles in my ceramic pieces for years.  I have never made candles before but thought, “surly I can figure this out”. I purchased the supplies and was ready to start melting the wax but, in the moment, felt stressed and overwhelmed. I had just finished two workshops and was tired and just wanted to hang out with my family. This year I am focusing on simplifying and creating a little more happiness and less stress in our day to day. I tend to want to do it all. Can anyone else relate? I decided it was not going to bring me happiness in that moment, so I packed up the supplies and returned them all. This did not mean my dream of candles had to be squashed though. 




I have been having a lot of fun collaborating with other creatives over the last several months and have learned that even though I might be able to it all it does not mean I have to do it all. When I step back it allows someone else to shine. 


I am thrilled to launch our first collection of candles that were hand poured by Julia from Simply Soy Candles.


Julia is such a sweet soul, beautiful on the inside and out. I love when you meet someone and you just know it’s right. She started candle making during her sabbatical from social work, using candle making as her creative outlet. Julia did a beautiful job bringing my vision to life. We collaborated on two  scents for you, Sunshine Citrus and Bugs Be Gone Citronella + Lemongrass. These are both so perfect for summer! 



The candles are made with 100% natural soy wax and essential oils. All ingredients are eco-friendly and vegan. These are hand-poured in Lancaster, Pa. 

The candles are nontoxic and refreshing to bring into your home. In addition, the essential oils used in the candles provide added health benefits.


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