The Bud Vase

The garden has been teaching me to slow down and notice the little treasures in life, the simple pleasures. Often we will take a little walk around the yard just to notice. Max and I call these our garden walks. We walk around and just notice what stands out to us, what has grown and changed since the last time we were there. Then we choose  a single stem to bring in and LINGER over a bit longer.

Give this a try. Take a little walk around your yard, through the woods, or even a flower shop. What do you notice? Then choose one little treasure to bring in and LINGER over a bit longer. 
 We love to use the bud vase for our garden walk treasures,
it's the perfect size for a single stem. 
These may be small but they sure do make a big impression. 

The bud vase is also great for plant propagation.

The perfect way to grow your collection or share it with others. 

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