From the pottery wheel to finished product

The Creative Process

One of the things I love about pottery is that it can be used every day. It is so functional, yet it brings beauty into the everyday. The earrings you put on in the morning, the cup you hold with steaming coffee that starts your day, the cheeseboard that is gathered around by friends; it allows art to becomes a part of your daily life. I think about all of this as I design and create each piece.

Getting Started

From Sketch to Wheel


Next, I sketch out the design in pencil on the clay and then paint it using an underglaze. The whole piece gets painted, even the bottom. Here is a picture of the designs being painted with the underglaze . Isn't my little helper just the sweetest?


Next, I fire each piece in a kiln. This is called a bisque fire. The kiln will get to about 2000 degrees. After this initial fire it's time to glaze each piece to give it a nice finish. The glaze is what makes them food safe and ready to be used and enjoyed.

Second Firing

And finally, the piece gets fired one more time. This is called the glaze fire and will again reach about 2000 degrees. I typically start firings at the beginning of the day and the kiln cools all night while I’m sleeping. In the morning the kiln is ready to open… I love this part! (It’s like opening a gift on Christmas morning!)

The Finishing Touches

From Kiln to Shop

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