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Lightweight Abstract Earrings
Wear these causally or dress them up for a fun night out.

I hope that these earrings remind you to take a little time to reconnect with yourself and others. I hope they remind you to slow down a little bit and enjoy this beautiful life that we get to live.

These earrings are part of the Wild Calm collection. Inspired by my time spent in the garden, They were painted in a moment of letting go and working through the wild that is sometimes felt inside.

Learn more about the Wild Calm Collection here.

Earring Wire is gold plated, hypoallergenic

Approx. 1" x 1.5"

Wearable, Useable, Art.

Beauty + Function

Each product is created by hand, with real life in mind. Every piece is made to be worn or used so you can easily add a little bit of art to your every day life. Learn more about the creative process and how each design comes to life.

Peek My Process

Happy Customers

Emily’s pottery is the best! I love the earrings she makes. They are always on trend, yet unique, and I love how light they are. Supporting a local mom is such a special thing and a feeling one can’t get when buying from a big box store.

Erin Bavington 

The pottery workshops that I have done with Emily have been great! She provided all the materials we needed plus the clay. She gave us some instructions and then encouraged us to be creative. She was energetic and gave us some great suggestions as we worked. 

Christine Baker

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